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💙MACY Khaki Drape Top

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Introducing MACY Our Khaki Drap Top


This One Size fits most design fits a size AUS 6 to 24 comfortably


$35.00 ea


So many beautiful ways to wear this top! Whether it’s loose, tucked in or tied up it’s just so pretty! Goes with just about any bottoms ;)

This oversized tshirt look is so in right now and you can see why! 😍

One size and simply amazing, this top is awesome for day or night, with a skirt and thongs to skinny jeans and heels - it can take you anywhere

Can be worn loose over tights, jeans, skirt, or anything really, or tucked at the front or side, or tied in a knot on the front or side.

It’s a top that works every time - you know how sometimes things work one day but the next day look awful? Well our tops don’t do that x


 Freesize and very roomy.