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Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller & Gua Sha Facial Massager Set

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Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller & Gua Sha Facial Massager Set enhances your routine by promoting the lifting and smoothing of the skin, leaving your face lifted and radiant after every use.

Made from natural Rose Quartz, it is safe to use daily with your skincare routine.

- Firms and smooths skin

- Minimizes fine lines

- Unclogs pores and reduces oil production

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Tightens and sculpts facial features

- Boosts skin's radiance

- Soothes headaches and migraines

- Each unique rose quartz has been ethically sourced and handmade so the stone coloring and pattern will vary for each Gua Sha

- Suitable for all skin types


How to use the Gua Sha

- The Rose Quartz Gua Sha works most effectively after the removal of a face mask. For an extra cooling experience, place your Gua Sha in the fridge or bowl of ice for 10 minutes before using it

- The Gua Sha should be turned flat on a slight angle to your skin so that it glides on your skin without too much pulling

- Starting at the neck, massage the Gua Sha in a series of specific strokes upwards and outwards to help detoxify skin and improve tissue health by increasing circulation, restoring bounce and even reducing future breakouts

- Place the Gua Sha over areas with broken skin, bruises, acne or other skin sensitivities to calm irritations and soothe associated redness

- Gua Sha works deeper than other tools due to the friction it creates with each movement, which releases muscle tension and encourages lymph drainage; repeat each stroke slowly with light to medium pressure 5-10 times, except the under-eye area where the pressure should be very light.

How to use the Rose Quartz Face Roller

Before you get to rolling, make sure your rose quartz roller is clean and dry before applying it to the face. 

  1. Apply a serum or moisturizer to your face. Make sure to apply plenty of products to give your roller enough slip to flow easily across your skin's surface. If you use a roller on dry skin, it can drag across the surface, which may be uncomfortable and even lead to wrinkles.
  2. Starting from the neck, roll the roller upwards using gentle pressure, making your way across each side of the face. Do this for 5-10 minutes. If your skin starts to feel dry, apply more product. Repeat the process daily. 

Pro tip: If you want to carve out your natural contour, focus on the cheekbones and jawline. To reduce puffiness, apply a generous amount of eye cream and gently roll underneath the eyes.  

How to use Roller for Headaches

Although many like to include their rose quartz roller into their skincare routine, it can also help release tension, massage out any muscle pain on the face or other parts of the body, and relieve stress. Again, before using your rose quartz roller, make sure it is clean and dry.

  1. Apply oil or cream to the area you intended to target. Although it may not be part of your skincare routine, it's still essential to give your roller has enough slip to prevent your skin from being pulled or tugged. 
  2. For headaches, roll your rose quartz roller along your temples and across your forehead gently and slowly for no more than 10 minutes. For muscle pain, you can add a bit more pressure to help ease out any muscle knots. In addition, the cooling effect can help to release any feelings of tension.  

Pro tip: For your slip, use an oil or cream that contains Eucalyptus or Lavender. Eucalyptus and Lavender are natural remedies that can help soothe muscle pain and help relax your body. 


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