CHIKA Red Design Kaftan Throw

Introducing CHIKA our Red Design Open Kaftan Throw.


Free Size. 
fits 8-22 au


$18.00 ea


CHIKA Red Design is just darling! You can honestly just dress her up or down and still look amazing!

Pair with a cute belt to sinch her in closer to you or wear open and loose to compliment the outfit you have on underneath!

Lets not pretend CHIKA is an eye catcher though! She steals the show ;)

Also Available and shown on model-

Grey casual tshirt 👈👈👈👈👈  
Blue ripped Jeans 👈👈👈  
Chain Black boots👈👈👈


This is an open style Kaftan and has beautifully sizing x 


****Model normally wears a size 8 and is wearing our size Free Size fits 8-22 au. model is 162cms tall.

**Extension and colouring from Uber Hair and makeup

** Hair styled, tan, makeup done by Aambers Goodies xx