PATTY Pink Embroidered Open Throw

Introducing PATTY our Pink Open Embroidered Sheer Throw


Free Size - fits 6-18 au


$20.00 ea


PATTY has Beautiful hidden Pink embroidered flowers with a gorgious tassel finish!  ❤️

Breathe taking Open throw look and simply stunning without trying!
Perfect to throw over every day outfits or dress her up!


 Also Available

Blue ripped jeans 👈👈  
Grey casual Tshirt 👈👈👈  
Chain Black boots 👈👈👈



This is an open style Kaftan and has a little bit of give  x 


****Model normally wears a size 8 and is wearing our Free Size fits 6-18 au. model is 162cms tall.

**Extension and colouring from Uber Hair and makeup

** Hair styled, tan, makeup done by Aambers Goodies xx