MARA Black Silky Lace Cropped Puffy Sleeved Top/Lingerie

Introducing MARA Black silky Lace Cropped Puffy Sleeved Top/Lingerie top


6-18 au


$30.00 ea


This gorgious peice is a must have!
You can Feel a million dollars whether you wear MARA as a top or as a lingerie peice in the bedroom 😍

Cropped style with a silky touch! Beautiful lace embellishments and super cute buttons at the front!

Not to mention the statement puffy sleeves 🤩


Also available 

Mara White Puff crop top 👈👈👈  
black ruffle sandals 👈👈  


This top has great stretch in waist  !


****Model normally wears a size 8
 and is wearing our size size  S fits 6-10au.

 Model is 162 cm tall.

**Extension and colouring from Uber Hair and makeup

** Hair styled, tan, makeup done by Aambers Goodies xx