TILLY Light denim Ripped Jeans

Introducing TILLY Our Light denim Ripped Jeans


8-12 au


$45.00 ea


 A gorgeous pair of light blue ripped jeans to make any outfit AWSOME ! Messy style cute ankles for extra flaie!

Pair with some sexy heels and top  for a night out!
Or cute sandals to dress her down!

also Available

 Casual Grey tshirt 👈👈👈

Beige heels 👈👈👈



Has slight stretch and moulds to your body  xx


****Model normally wears a size 8 and is wearing our size Free Size 8au.

Model is 162cms tall.
**Extension and colouring from Uber Hair and makup

** Hair styled, tan, makeup done by Aambers Goodies xx