XAVIER Choc zebra Knit Jumper

Introducing XAVIER Our Choc Zebra Pattern Knit Jumper


 Free Size fits 8-18 au



$35.00 ea 


Pair this beauty with just about anything! The stretch! The design! The feel 😍😍 

YOU NEED XAVIER in your wardrobe ;)


Also available

Blue ripped boyfriend Jeans 👈👈   
grey Casual Tshirt 👈👈👈  
black ruffle sandals  👈👈👈


 Lots and lots of stretch xx 

****Model normally wears a size 8
and is wearing our free size  fits 8-18 au 

Model is 162cms tall 

**Extension and colouring from Uber Hair and makeup

** Hair styled, tan, makeup done by Aambers Goodies xx