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Push Squish animal head Sensory 

Animal Sensory Toys Squeeze Mouth Out Autism Therapy Anxiety Stress Loneliness Relief Soft Squeeze Vent Decompression Toys for Kids Adults

When you're wasting time due to stress or boredom, squeeze and pull over and over, especially if you're bored. Some people need to squeeze things when thinking and brainstorming, so this gadget is great for them.

When you are in a bad mood, pick up the pinch ball and pinch it (play twice, I pinch, I pinch, I pinch again, it's very cool) Get angry and squeeze hard, you can vent all your sullenness in this Oh little toy.

Have grievances? High pressure? Then use pinch music to vent, pinch, pinch, pinch as you like...


4 peice connectors sensory toy

4 pack of Fun and functional sensory toys that bend twist and connect. Provides tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback

Autism Therapy Anxiety Stress Loneliness Relief Soft Squeeze Vent Decompression Toys for Kids Adults

The perfect addition to your collection of toys.These sensory toys also act as physical therapy toys that excite and inspire. Also a great stress reliever or Fidget Toy.


 Glow in the dark spinner Sensory 

Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner Push Pop Up Fidget Spinner Toys. Pop Up Fidget Spinner Anti-Anxiety/Autism Toys Game Kid Gift. Develop intelligence, exercise thinking, relieve stress and anxiety

A small great gadget to help kill time. Small enough to put in your pocket and take out to have fun at any time. Not only is it interesting and fun, but effective for deep thoughts and focus. Perfect for fidgety hands and ADHD sufferers.

Usage instructions: Hold the spinner and one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly. You can keep spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strikes. The spinner can be started and stopped with the use of one finger.




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really good pop sensory toy